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#9798: WebDAV: Use single DELETE for a directory rather than many PROPFINDs &
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   Component:  webdav       |    Version:  5.2.2
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 Currently, when a user deletes a directory (e.g.  `/dav/directory/`) in
 Cyberduck issues recursively `PROPFIND` requests to find all the files and
 directories inside. Then it issues `DELETE` requests for each of them.

 Some other WebDAV clients (such as command line client `cadaver` -
 [http://www.webdav.org/cadaver/]) only issues a single `PROPFIND`
 (probably just to verify its existence?) and then a single `DELETE
 /dav/directory/` request. It's up to the server to delete everything

 I believe that this "single DELETE request" implementation is completely
 valid according to WebDAV RFC4918 http://www.ietf.org/rfc/rfc4918.txt
 (it's linked from http://www.webdav.org/) -- see section `9.6.1.  DELETE
 for Collections`.

 I was wondering if you previously considered this implementation?

 Thanks a lot for consideration!

 > A bit of background - I'm a software engineer working for a company
 which is running WebDAV server and some of our clients have often tens of
 thousands (some even hundreds of thousands) of "files" (aka properties) in
 "directories" (aka collections) and this would greatly improve performance
 of deletions (our server supports this "server-side recursive deletion" as
 per WebDAV RFC4918 mentioned above).

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