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#10148: Prompt for credentials when using public key authentication with agent
 Reporter:  pgcorchary1  |         Owner:  dkocher
     Type:  defect       |        Status:  reopened
 Priority:  high         |     Milestone:  6.3.1
Component:  sftp         |       Version:  6.3
 Severity:  critical     |    Resolution:
 Keywords:               |  Architecture:  Intel
 Platform:  Windows 10   |

Comment (by pgcorchary1):

 I see no change in the behaviour -- Still get the 'No login credential
 could be found in the Keychain' message.

 Just to be certain here. This is Windows 10 (v 1709 build 16299.19).

 1) pageant v0.70 is running, and works fine for putty v0.70 and for
 MountainDuck v2.1.0 (8541)
 2) CyberDuck shotcurt has not changed (in 1yr or more), and looks like in
 the previous screen shot, with 'username' set and ssh private key set to
 'none', and this can be observed by ritght-click the shortcut and select
 3) however, double-click on the short cut (or right-click and select
 connect to server), brings up a dialog box where there is NO username or
 password populated, SSH key set to none, and the 'Save Password' option is
 selected in the bottom left. And CyberDuck cannot connect. I tried to UN-
 check 'save password', and also add username, but still login does

 Is there any log that I can send you?
 Any more screen shots?
 Have a screen sharing meeting (I use Zoom.us) and show you?
 Any old settings I could or should try to remove?

 I will say in general that for several years, the integration from
 CyberDuck to pagaent has been hard to understand. I think there should be
 a very clear check-box in each shortcut for the CyberDuck in Windows that
 confirms that you want to use pagaent as the ssh key store. Currently, it
 is confusing how to set up this configuration.

 And the new terminology in the dialog about 'Keychain' is something that
 can confuse Windows-only users (and even Windows and Mac users like me),
 because 'Keychain' seems like a Mac/Linux term. If ONLY pagaent is
 supported in Windows (versus say ssh-agent from git-bash), then the
 Windows dialogs should be more clear, and there should be a a positive
 config for this, rather than just what it seems like -- pagaent will work
 if you have it running, and no other way to connect is provided.

 Or there should be a more complete discussion in documentation of what
 'Keychain' really means in Windows ... what keys (for what types of
 connections) are stored and how to setup the shortcut to use that.

 Just my opinion.

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