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#10631: Dental Implants, Teeth & Cola
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 Have you heard the rumors about dental implants and teeth dissolving in
 various types of cola? Let’s face it: we all know that sodas, regular or
 diet, have no nutritional value. They also contain items that are
 [https://www.b2bmarketing.net/search/gss/harmful harmful] to humans’ or
 other living being’s health. Ingredient lists for various colas include
 caffeine, sugar, high fructose sweeteners or artificial sweeteners such as
 aspartame, carbonated water, cola nuts, and phosphoric acid. Seems like a
 long list of ingredients for a staple beverage in American culture,
 doesn’t it? Here are some things to think about regarding soft drinks and
 [http://www.ymarea.com/comment/html/?17073.html 코인카지노사이트추천] your
 pearly whites, natural or implanted:

 What are Dental Implants?

 Dental implants are a cutting edge way of replacing lost teeth. In the
 olden days, when a person lost a tooth or a whole mouthful of them, he or
 she had no choice but to go toothless, wear dentures or partial bridges
 glued in with adhesives or cement. These options weren’t perfect by any
 means and the new implantation techniques have been found far superior.
 The implant technology consists of placing a titanium screw in a patient’s
 jawbone. Next a dental prosthetic is attached and finished with a natural
 looking crown cap. These devices are very sturdy but will require care,
 just like each natural tooth. Adequate nutrition, flossing, brushing and
 appointments with the dentist will keep them in your mouth for a long
 time. As with your natural choppers, excessive soda drinking is
 detrimental to implants.

 Acidic Beverages

 Coke, Pepsi and generic colas contain heavy duty amounts of acid which are
 known for eroding enamel. It’s said that if you’re going to down glasses
 of soft drinks on a regular basis, root beer or 7-up are preferable in
 terms of acid content. An unlikely beverage that many think is healthy-
 all-around is orange juice. Yes, OJ has vitamin C among other nutritional
 components, but it is also acids and will erode enamel as well. Some
 reports show that soft drinks have as much as ten times the acid as fruit
 drinks, however. When in doubt, brush your teeth after imbibing in these

 Dissolving Other Items

 There are rumors circulating that if you leave a fly, tooth, or a rock in
 a glass of cola overnight, it will be gone by the next morning – dissolved
 without a trace. Snopes.com, which is a rumor-busting band of researchers,
 states that this is simply not true. Others swear by their home
 experiments. If you truly want to find out for yourself, try it at home,
 provided you have a spare tooth or fly that has bit the dust anyway.


 Dentists have suggested the use of straws if chug-a-lugging high acid
 drinks. This allows the erosion factor to bypass the enamel and go right
 down the throat into the digestive tract.  Should you loved this article
 and you wish to receive more info regarding
 코인카지노쿠폰] assure visit our web site. Beware, though, the fluid will
 still contain the calories and chemicals.

 The debate regarding dissolving a tooth, dental implants or insects rages
 on. One issues not in debate,
 [http://www.mo1skaka.com/vb/member.php?u=1023810 코인카지노사이트먹튀]
 however, is that drinking too much of any sugary or chemically laden
 beverage is not in your best interest.

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