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Mon Oct 7 03:31:04 UTC 2019

#10834: Large files are immediately deleted the moment uploading finishes, in an
infinite loop
    Reporter:  binba     |      Owner:
        Type:  defect    |     Status:  new
    Priority:  high      |  Milestone:
   Component:  ftp       |    Version:  7.1
    Severity:  critical  |   Keywords:
Architecture:  Intel     |   Platform:  macOS 10.13
 This one has me astonished... Steps to reproduce:

 1. Upload a large file.
 2. Upload reaches 100.0%.
 3. Cyberduck deletes the remote file it just uploaded, and restarts the
 upload (this time at a speed that is several times slower than the
 available bandwidth and original speed, for some reason).

 My guess is that the threshold is 2GB: I uploaded a 1.1GB file that did
 not exhibit that behavior, followed by a 3.2GB file that did.

 I have experienced this behavior in two different systems working with
 different files and different FTP servers.
 - Cyberduck 6.9.4 on OS X 10.10.5, via FTP.
 - Cyberduck 7.1.0 on OS X 10.13.6, via FTPS.
 Same behavior.

 This has been reproducible, happens every time to me.

 Tried with "upload with temporary filename" both enabled and disabled -
 same behavior.
 "Always overwrite when reloading" has always been disabled, and "Existing
 files" is set to "Prompt".

 I assume applying the rest of the report and troubleshooting to 7.1.0 on
 OS X 10.13.6. It's the system I have access to. I also "own" the FTP
 server (shared hosting) which can help with troubleshooting.

 Only workaround I found is... to use FileZilla. It doesn't exhibit this
 problem at all, with the same files and FTP server.
 Needless to say, this is pretty insane/maddening. But I've been loyal to
 Cyberduck for years and am willing to help troubleshooting this.

 Log attached as file.

Ticket URL: <https://trac.cyberduck.io/ticket/10834>
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