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#11494: Quickbooks Vs Bulk 90: Which Is Better For Small Business?
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 In most [http://www.isbnsearches.com/ instances] small businesses are
 obtained by first time business buyers. And this question comes up to them
 almost all of the time. "Why not start my own from ground up?"  Well,
 because it's too risky! Buy an existing business,"since it's established,"
 you don't have to begin from scratch and advertise and expect to get
 clients. Most new businesses fail in their first year, and this is not
 news. Established businesses have a track record. When you buy an
 established business you will start profiting from day one. There will be
 no guessing, hoping, wishing, or waiting.

 [[iframe https://www.youtube.com/embed/2W6RAvDwiQI height="315"

 In the fiscal area, the business was profitable and he was drawing a
 fantastic salary. His taxes were current. Sales had increased although
 there was some seasonality to his enterprise. It was good. He was enjoying
 running a [https://isbnsearches.com/ Content Marketing services].

 Many small business owners stay in the comfort zone. Ultimately, when
 things do change, and they will, they're caught off guard. They come out
 too late. And, once you're in the comfort zone and things change it can
 quickly develop into the zone of mediocrity or failure.

 So, let's say you present sales is $850,000 annually, your fixed costs are
 $275,000, variable expenses is $55,000 or  Online Marketing advisor 6.5%
 of the $850,000, material cost is $236,000 or 27.8%, labor cost is
 $109,000 or 12.8%, and your existing profit margin is $175,000 or 20.6%.

 It may be simpler than you think to figure this out. You would do a bit of
 research and with the aid of the U.S. Census Bureau you can roughly
 determine whether your plan could be supported by your marketplace or not.

 Do not spill the beans

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