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#11713: Getting Paid To Recycle Scrap Metal
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 [[iframe https://www.youtube.com/embed/PWLXa9HD61M height="315"

 With this number of phones turning over so quickly it is no wonder that
 there are many companies popping up and offering to recycle your phones.
 However, not all of these companies operate the same way. Some are
 downright unscrupulous. To help you be better prepared I have outlined
 some of their tactics below.

 Here are some things that help in the beginning to get prepared. A truck
 or trailer ( I did this in my car but limits space) helps. Know the heavy
 pickup days for trash in the neighborhoods around you. Having a good set
 of gloves. Find a scrap [http://steven313.bravejournal.com/entry/71155
 party city durham] center close to you. Know where you can have a garage

 The story opens with a cute and enjoyable song written by Joan Gilmour
 called The Compost Song that uses the universally applicable melody for
 the tune "The Hokey Pokey". In this story, Nancy has lost her favorite
 ring and her brother Scott is helping her look for it in the garden.
 Luckily their friends Mathieu and Naseem come out to help in the task.
 Suddenly, a magical butterfly changes all the children into the size of
 bugs and they explore the compost pile. There, they meet P.W. Worman, a
 friendly red wiggler who is proud to show them his home. When they realize
 that it is time to go home, they climb to the top of the compost pile
 where they find Nancy's ring. This theme is reminiscent of The Magical
 School Bus TV series in that the children shrink and go through
 educational adventures.

 So now I had the manual to build my very own residential wind generator. I
 had to go to my local recycler and hardware store to get all the parts I
 needed. Now it was just really a matter of putting in some time and effort
 on my part. I pretty much started on a Friday evening and with the use of
 my own tools and the 200$ worth of supplies I obtained by Sunday evening I
 had my own fully functional residential wind generator.

 You will need to sort your items based on the purity. Put your 10k in one
 pile, your 14k gold in another pile, and so on. You can typically find
 markings on the inside of rings, on the clasp of necklaces and bracelets,
 on the posts of earring, etc.

 Storing all the junk: After having collected all this scrap metal, you may
 face the problem of storing it, especially if you don't have a large
 enough home or a garage or backyard. What you can do is tie up with a
 friend or neighbor to use their backyard or vacant space lot for storage
 or then rent out such a space. But make sure the rented space is a safe

 Do entertaining things with your children that are free. Walking or hiking
 is free and so are bike rides. Feeding the ducks and fish your bread
 scraps is free. Using wading pools at public parks is free. You can do
 many free things at the Library: listen to storytime, check out books, and
 check out DVDs. Walking barefoot in gutters while it's raining is free and
 the cocoa and toast afterwards is great fun too. Look in your local paper
 for free events that you know your kids will enjoy.

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