[Cyberduck-trac] [Cyberduck] #11635: Unable to transfer files to NetApp StorageGRID with self-signed certificate

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Sat Mar 27 09:49:03 UTC 2021

#11635: Unable to transfer files to NetApp StorageGRID with self-signed certificate
 Reporter:  ntaptoby   |         Owner:
     Type:  defect     |        Status:  new
 Priority:  normal     |     Milestone:
Component:  s3         |       Version:  7.8.3
 Severity:  normal     |    Resolution:
 Keywords:             |  Architecture:  Intel
 Platform:  Windows 8  |

Comment (by dkocher):

 It looks like there is an interoperability issue with the versioning
 response from Netapp. It would be very helpful if you can provide a
 temporary test account. Please write to [mailto:support at cyberduck.io].

 [background-2] INFO  ch.cyberduck.transcript.request - GET /?versioning
 [background-2] INFO  ch.cyberduck.transcript.request - Date: Fri, 26 Mar
 2021 19:59:38 GMT
 [background-2] INFO  ch.cyberduck.transcript.request - x-amz-content-
 sha256: e3b0c44298fc1c149afbf4c8996fb92427ae41e4649
 [background-2] INFO  ch.cyberduck.transcript.request - Host:
 [background-2] INFO  ch.cyberduck.transcript.request - x-amz-date:
 [background-2] INFO  ch.cyberduck.transcript.request - Authorization:
 [background-2] INFO  ch.cyberduck.transcript.request - Connection: Keep-
 [background-2] INFO  ch.cyberduck.transcript.request - User-Agent:
 Cyberduck/ (Windows 8.1/6.3) (amd64)
 [Thread-0] INFO  ch.cyberduck.core.threading.DefaultBackgroundExecutor -
 Scheduled background runnable WorkerBackgroundA
 ction{worker=SessionListWorker{directory=Path{path='/demo', type=[file]}}}
 for execution
 [background-2] INFO  ch.cyberduck.transcript.response - HTTP/1.1 200 OK
 [background-2] INFO  ch.cyberduck.transcript.response - Date: Fri, 26 Mar
 2021 19:59:38 GMT
 [background-2] INFO  ch.cyberduck.transcript.response - Connection: KEEP-
 [background-2] INFO  ch.cyberduck.transcript.response - Server:
 [background-2] INFO  ch.cyberduck.transcript.response - x-amz-request-id:
 [background-2] INFO  ch.cyberduck.transcript.response - x-amz-id-2:
 [background-2] INFO  ch.cyberduck.transcript.response - Content-Length:
 [background-2] INFO  ch.cyberduck.transcript.response - Content-Type:
 [background-2] DEBUG org.apache.http.impl.execchain.MainClientExec -
 Connection can be kept alive indefinitely
 [background-2] DEBUG
 org.jets3t.service.impl.rest.httpclient.RestStorageService - Response for
 'GET'. Content-Type: appl
 ication/xml, Headers: [Date: Fri, 26 Mar 2021 19:59:38 GMT, Connection:
 KEEP-ALIVE, Server: StorageGRID/11.3.0, x-amz-re
 quest-id: 1616788777533753, x-amz-id-2: 12580019, Content-Length: 491,
 Content-Type: application/xml]
 [background-2] DEBUG
 org.jets3t.service.impl.rest.httpclient.RestStorageService - Response
 entity: ResponseEntityProxy{[
 Content-Type: application/xml,Content-Length: 491,Chunked: false]}
 [background-2] DEBUG
 org.jets3t.service.impl.rest.httpclient.RestStorageService - Entity
 length: 491
 [background-2] DEBUG
 org.jets3t.service.impl.rest.httpclient.RestStorageService - Received
 response code 200; matches on
 e of expected set ([200])? true
 [background-2] DEBUG org.jets3t.service.impl.rest.XmlResponsesSaxParser -
 Parsing XML response document with handler: cl
 [background-2] DEBUG
 org.apache.http.impl.conn.PoolingHttpClientConnectionManager - Connection
 [id: 1][route: {s}->https
 ://demo.dc1-g1.demo.netapp.com:8082] can be kept alive indefinitely
 [background-2] DEBUG
 org.apache.http.impl.conn.DefaultManagedHttpClientConnection - http-
 outgoing-1: set socket timeout
 to 0
 [background-2] DEBUG
 org.apache.http.impl.conn.PoolingHttpClientConnectionManager - Connection
 released: [id: 1][route:
 {s}->https://demo.dc1-g1.demo.netapp.com:8082][total available: 2; route
 allocated: 1 of 10; total allocated: 2 of 21474
 [background-2] DEBUG
 org.jets3t.service.impl.rest.httpclient.HttpMethodReleaseInputStream -
 Released HttpMethod as its r
 esponse data stream is fully consumed
 [background-2] WARN  ch.cyberduck.core.threading.BackgroundCallable -
 Failure java.lang.NullPointerException running bac
 kground task


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