[Cyberduck-localization] Translations for creating and expanding archives

David Kocher dkocher at cyberduck.ch
Wed Dec 17 23:04:10 CET 2008

Hello all,
	I have an additional feature that will make it into 3.1 that requires  
the translation of two strings available in the File menu. It allows  
to compress and uncompress (that is ZIP/TAR) files remotely when  
connected to an SSH server.

In Main.strings

/* NSMenu : <title:Create Archive> (oid:505) */
"Create Archive" = "Create Archive";

/* NSMenuItem : <title:Expand Archive> (oid:500) */
"Expand Archive" = "Expand Archive";

You can find example localizations of these in the File menu of the  
application /System/Library/CoreServices/Archive\ Utility.app

Sorry this was omitted in the last notification where it should have  
been included. The release is scheduled for the first week of January.  
Thanks for your hard work!

I wish everyone merry christmas and a happy new year :)

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