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#5586: UnsupportedClassVersionError
    Reporter:  https://www.google.com/accounts/o8/id?id=aitoawmzjwsjlt1dqmrmsn6ss6yutv2n5wdixhw  |        Owner:               
        Type:  defect                                                                            |       Status:  reopened     
    Priority:  high                                                                              |    Milestone:               
   Component:  core                                                                              |      Version:  3.8.1        
    Severity:  normal                                                                            |   Resolution:               
    Keywords:  launch                                                                            |     Platform:  Mac OS X 10.6
Architecture:  Intel                                                                             |  

Comment (by jnd):

 Hi David, thanks for your prompt replies! I tried it using `arch`, and end
 up with the same UnsupportedClassVersionError. I also just discovered this
 ticket is nearly a duplicate of #5433! I removed all contents of
 /Library/Java/Extensions and it didn't solve the problem.

 I did an experiment: I transplanted another Java product (1.5 compatible)
 into the Cyberduck bundle, and it executed flawlessly. So the
 UnsupportedClassVersionError is definitely triggered by Cyberduck code.

 Forgive me for not having done this sooner, but I looked more closely at
 the middle of the stacktrace and realised the failure occurs within your

 On line 88 of ch.cyberduck.ui.cocoa.MainApplication.main you call
 Rendezvous.register() which triggers the loading of a class that fails
 with UnsupportedClassVersionError. Do you think this is due to something
 you've bundled, or is it likely that our Java 5 installations are trying
 to load something from Java 6? I will investigate further but I'm not
 familiar with Bonjour implementations.

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