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#8232: How to build muscle
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 Your chest out we actually should do is you he going to gauge your tracks
 when you gave your site what happens is sweet your truck back now most at
 your shoulders arms touchback but really what you doing to squeeze your
 trash there's a big difference between UBS out eventually and we hear
 crackling vision because when you switch to track what happens is now the
 way it's been stabilized buyer traps is that your shoulders so you still
 using your chest so he's your triceps but now if you can get your cash
 back here your shoulders don't get you that much anymore so now it looks
 like this and you who gave you the whole time doing this see what I mean
 got to give a days and then you do the bench press Cheju different way
 first place the wrong way I do it so got to see a much shorter route say I
 got too much always ready right there so that I think that's your
 shoulders and not get your trash now once I get my traps squeezing seethe
 right there see the difference right guys from here bone right here now my
 traps are engaged am I am I show him my traps are flat my weird also be
 supplied on the bench at this point come down backup a note so much traps
 are so sweet you say it I'd ever lived in my truck so come down it back up
 my trust are so sweet I'm not doing this of I keep it updated and then I
 just keep doing this cover ton bed rest day it is fishy about last refuse
 poster fish supper here and then read but a lot of guys who do something
 like this the come up I can't do anymore and what to do with the Serb
 cushy facts and that is a huge no do you think about it a perfect
 repetition is going straight button that last breath when you're the
 you're the most but he you the wrong format pushy upwards like that so now
 you're rude compromise your form and you're the weakest at the last
 restates really two things that's going to really jack up your shoulders
 so you don't want to go ahead and rack whitefish it last erupted over 30
 allot of guys on the bench press and you always think I'm going to do
 about four sets 10 you that's pretty standard but what I actually
 discovered a while ago is that a fish fresh the next %uh the few really
 well on you feel really good on you know first thing for me I do you need
 to do more than just four sets you actually needed you anywhere from about
 seven to eight sets if you're if.


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