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#8233: How to build muscle
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 I felt wagons go my legs but might lose and give you the most that shown
 the most effectiveness nice been the most not a said of squats lunges for
 a no just for life for example for by set for me barbell curls you know
 what so I pro I Mahatma right time to time applied to about seven a set
 just a horrible Crowes low my biceps everything else down both of us up a
 bonus so keep that in mind K so I hope these tips help me out don't forget
 born to church anymore workouts Six Pack Shortcuts dot com I we go ahead
 and finish up my workouts not the I got Nextel peace Juan what's going on
 guys shown here with waking hour dot com uncanny grocery store by myself a
 llegarI'll you know it's Valentine's Day recently single so you know I'm
 going to go-ahead and stocked up on some alcohol you know going to drown
 my sorrows in the bottle just kidding I'm really not but I am going to
 take you guys grocer’s shop because whether it's Valentine's Day Christmas
 or any other day of the year you know I got to keep on packing on muscle
 mass not going to do it on a budget you know I understand a lot you guys
 are college economies down whatever may become hope you guys bodybuilder
 on a budget you know this ingoing to be a little grocery shopping trip
 mama she got to pick up the best foods can help you guys back on the
 muscle mass you really big grocery store for you know very cheap so let's
 get right to the guys let's go shopping sluggish getting us in the bulk of
 gain lean muscle mass you got to eat high protein carbohydrates are some
 really fantastic choices don't cost a lot of money so lentils his casa
 dollar 39 this has a hundred 30 grams of protein high in fiber at times
 slow digesting carbohydrates Nosebleeds dollars 39 to 130 grams of protein
 and the stuff that she really going to be there are some cell service and
 guacamole on tops Rosenberg next up we have we have %ah brown jasmine rice
 three dollars row just memorize and have a little more fibers going to be
 slow digesting says 40 grams protein 300 grams slow digesting crabs for
 only three dollars another really good keep up next up one of my favorite
 healthy crabs it's really cheap I mean look at this whole grain pasta a
 dollar for us this has slowed adjusting carbohydrates the says 50 grams of
 protein this is the perfect lunch perfect pre-workout meal for all your
 muscle building its only a dollar such a cheap source of protein and that
 just a couple hundred.


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