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#8234: How to build muscle
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 You know bad fried turkey bad freehand battery rose be so another really
 healthy option for body building on a budget let’s continue on him black
 beans another great cheap option or bodybuilding on a budget couple
 dollars more life came to see what we have here we have a 120 grams of
 protein about 300 grams slow digesting carbohydrates this is the perfect
 ones perfect I'm your replacement meal only one couple dollars good I want
 to stay with me something this on the bounty me you know so we can start
 that's really cheap say way for many and he's not my man sausages you my
 Monday more it's really cheap but he doesn’t like a lot of bad you need
 some like that so we have again you can live this whole thing is only
 seven dollars repeal the latter must get away so she can be bad free is
 and 18 grams of protein per serving and three-and-a-half how the chicken
 for seven dollars now to hold you over for a couple days shelled and you
 wanton spend a little bit more we have in your natural chicken drumsticks
 only two dollars 91 cents fantastic field and if you want to get them
 really large chicken breast few pounds of chicken really eight dollars now
 being great option more money building on a budget now weave our high-
 protein options for body building on a budget so bowlers Tyler like saying
 you know pound parlance think underline dollars systemic really like
 neighboring Afghanistan war bodybuilding leveling up too much mild we walk
 other long units up like this yes Lebanon you notice how the night is
 asleep 3:17 you a nice meal protein grasslands going on where you nobody
 going on budget it's only seven dollars here for Laura’s lean me this as
 eighty four grams of protein pretty low land so that's why some dollars
 old slightly cheaper options we have here are we have a pound ground
 turkey for only five dollars is like a hundred grams of protein entire
 package for only five dollars tube a great option for bodybuilding I
 continue which is always good we have to live here slide going 314 for
 couples like plays any kind about amole wide fish like last year's lies
 usually rummy dollars on another really good option you're on a budget so
 you try to put on weight on a budget you won't want to help you mad so
 nuts and seeds are really great choice do we have sunflower seeds this
 whole bag is a dollar drop a couple bags can.


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